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Speeding violationsThe state of North Carolina uses an “absolute” speed limit law. This means that if the posted speed limit is 40 mph and you go 41 mph, you are technically breaking the law. Even if you were not going at an unsafe speed for the current conditions, you could still be ticketed for this offense. However, there are a few possible defenses you can use to potentially get out of speeding violations.

First, you could determine what the law enforcement official did to determine how fast you were going. To accomplish this, you must find out what method the official used and then learn about possible weaknesses associated with this method.

Second, you could claim that an emergency is what caused you to go over the posted speed limit. However, for speeding violations, it’s extremely important to only use this defense when you were actually engrossed in an emergency situation.

Third, you could claim that the law enforcement official mistook your vehicle for a different one. Since there are so many similar looking cars out there on the roads, it is possible that an official confused your car with a speeding vehicle, lost sight of it as it went around a corner, and then targeted your vehicle further down along the road.

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