Traffic Attorney, Statesville, NC

When you allow me to be your traffic attorney, you can rest assured that I will provide you with tenacious, results-driven assistance and guidance in Statesville, NC.

Traffic AttorneyReceiving a traffic ticket can threaten your finances, your insurance rates, and in some cases, your legal ability to drive. If you intend to fight the consequences associated with a traffic ticket in a court of law, it’s critical that you have an experienced traffic attorney on your side.

As a traffic attorney who serves the Statesville, North Carolina area, I am able to work on cases involving many different types of violations. For example, if you received a ticket for speeding, parking in the wrong place, or driving without your license, I can assist you. I can also help with more serious types of traffic violations, such as DUIs and DWIs.

In any legal situation, traffic cases included, it is essential that you provide me with as much information as possible. When you meet with me to discuss the specifics of your case, I will likely need to see a copy of your traffic ticket, as well as a statement from you describing what occurred. I will then put my extensive knowledge of North Carolina traffic law to work for you as I prepare to defend your case.

When you allow me to be your traffic attorney, you can rest assured that I will provide you with tenacious, results-driven assistance and guidance. To set up a free consultation with my office or to find out more about how I can help you, please contact me, W. Sloan Goforth, Attorney at Law, today.

Common Questions About Hiring a Traffic Attorney

Driving is something you do every day, and it’s also an activity that can get you into trouble with the law if you are not careful. If you recently received a traffic ticket, you may have some questions about moving forward and hiring a traffic attorney to help mitigate the consequences of the traffic stop.

Do you need an attorney to fight a ticket?

Not necessarily. But if you want optimal chances of reducing the consequences and streamlining the process, it is a good idea to hire an attorney.

How do I know if I have a case?

I can go over the information from the traffic stop and your driving record, as well as other criteria, and determine if you have a case. From there, I will help you decide how to proceed.

Can you help with my DUI?

Yes! If you are facing charges for drinking and driving, I can help you navigate this situation and will work hard to reduce the consequences you face.

What kind of information do you need from me?

At the very least, I will need a copy of your traffic ticket and your personal statement about what happened. I will do additional research into the traffic stop to gather documentation and other facts.

How do I schedule a consultation?

Scheduling a consultation with my firm is quick and easy. You can either call my office directly or fill out the form on my website.

At the office of W. Sloan Goforth, Attorney at Law, our traffic attorney proudly serves residents of Statesville, Troutman, Taylorsville, Mocksville, Mooresville, Hickory, Iredell County, Alexander County, and Davie County, North Carolina.