Auto Accident, Statesville, NC

It is always best to seek legal assistance shortly after an auto accident occurs in Statesville, NC.

An auto accident can happen when you are least expecting it and affect your life in ways you could have never imagined. If you need legal assistance following a car accident in the Statesville, North Carolina area, reach out to me, W. Sloan Goforth, Attorney at Law.

Auto Accident in Statesville, North Carolina

There are many different benefits associated with having me on your side after you are hurt in an auto accident. These include some of the following:

  • I am highly knowledgeable regarding personal injury law and will use this knowledge to your advantage while working on your case.
  • I can take care of all of the legal paperwork and administrative tasks that need to be completed after your car accident, so you can focus on recovering.
  • I will advocate for you throughout the duration of the claims process and take your case to court if the need arises.

I realize that the aftermath of many auto accidents is filled with chaos and confusion. When you work with me, I will be here for you to ensure that the legal process is handled with precision and that you are able to receive the compensation that you deserve for your financial, emotional, and physical injuries.

Remember, it is always better to seek legal assistance soon after your auto accident occurs, rather than waiting until the claims process is almost over. If you feel that you could benefit from legal assistance following a car accident, give my office a call today to set up your free consultation.

FAQs About Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is a traumatic experience. At the office of W. Sloan Goforth, Attorney at Law, my firm is here to make the recovery process easier on you. I have answered some questions about hiring an attorney after a car accident below.

When should I contact a lawyer?

You should contact me to help with your case right away. This will allow me to oversee your case during every phase to ensure you receive the best settlement possible.

What documentation will I need to provide?

The more information I can get from you, the better. A good starting point is to provide me with your personal account of the accident, any pictures you took following the crash, medical records that document your injuries, and the police report.

Why should I work with your firm?

I am an extremely tenacious, thorough lawyer. I will work diligently with opposing counsel to ensure your rights are protected and that the final settlement benefits your needs.

Do you work with the opposing insurance company?

Yes! After many car accidents, the opposing insurer will try to settle as quickly and for as little as possible. I will make sure that the opposing insurer does not rush through this process or try to provide an unfair settlement.

How do I set up a consultation?

You can contact my office directly by phone or by filling out the form on my site. I will get back with you shortly to set up a consultation at a time that works for you.

At the office of W. Sloan Goforth, Attorney at Law, we can help with legal cases regarding auto accidents for residents of Statesville, Troutman, Taylorsville, Mocksville, Mooresville, Hickory, Iredell County, Alexander County, and Davie County, North Carolina.